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Tax Returns and Registration

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Individual tax returns (ITR12)

Tax season opens on 1 July to 24 October each year for e-filers

Provisional taxpayers have until 23 January of the following year to submit their return.


Cost: R650

Provisional tax returns (IRP6)

When you are a director of a company and receive income from other sources, then

you have to register for provisional tax.

Returns are then submitted twice a year to relieve the tax burden of a large

payable at the end of the financial year.

Cost: R450

Company tax returns (ITR14)

Companies must submit their tax returns within a year of their year end


Cost: R650

Public benefit organisation (PBO) tax returns (IT12EI)

Once you have received tax exemption, your non profit company must submit

a tax return each year

The return must be submitted within a year of the year-end

Cost: R550

VAT registration Cost: R2,000

Income tax registration Cost: R2,000

Appointment of public officer Cost : R1,200

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